Transactional Practice

At Herman Legal, we pride ourselves on being a law firm with a strong business litigation practice, but that does not mean that we only step in when litigation has already arisen. The fact is that litigation can often be avoided through the proper analysis, negotiation and drafting of the document(s) and/or agreement(s) at the center of the dispute.


We have assisted in the formation, maintenance and even dissolution of many businesses and have substantial experience reviewing, analyzing, negotiating and/or drafting numerous contracts and agreements, including, but not limited to: business formation documents, operating agreements, franchise agreements, sales agreements, promissory notes and installment payment agreements, security agreements, UCC financing statements, stock purchase agreements, termination agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, lease agreements, withdrawal agreements and various others.


We firmly believe that many disputes can be avoided through the careful analysis of all possible events and contingencies that may arise under a particular contract, and by negotiating and detailing within the agreement the manner in which such occurrences will be handled. Please feel free to contact us with any inquires and/or to schedule an appointment.