Commercial and Business Litigation

Within the scope of virtually every business transaction in our society, parties attain certain rights under the law, as well as those afforded to them that are contractual in nature.  While the assertion of those legal rights may sometimes give rise to legal disputes, not all commercial and/or business disputes have to result in litigation. Here at Herman Legal, it is our goal to assist our clients in avoiding litigation whenever possible through consultation, negotiation and sometimes alternative dispute resolution (e.g., mediation and/or non-binding arbitration). However, when litigation cannot be avoided, you and your business need a strong and experienced attorney protecting your rights.


In that respect, we have substantial experience handling all aspects of complex commercial and business litigation in State and Federal courts, from inception through resolution, including trial, arbitration and/or appeal. By way of examples, we have handled numerous professional liability matters involving accountants, attorneys, actuaries, and insurance and title agents, trademark infringement disputes, probate and trust related matters, insurance defense (liability and coverage), partnership and corporate disputes, antitrust violations, breaches of, and tortious interference with, contracts, abuses of trust and fiduciary duties, employment disputes, class actions, fraud and deceptive trade practice matters, agreements limiting competition, and various other types of cases.


At Herman Legal, no matter is too complex for us to handle. Whether you are a potential plaintiff or defendant, as a client of the firm, you can expect the best representation possible. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.